DrayTek UK User Community Rules

In order to maintain the forums/community as a useful and friendly place for users to discuss the products' usage with each other, we have a set of rules which all users are bound by. If you respect the other users and the list owners then you're unlikely to ever offend anyone here, so please make good use of the forums, help others where you can and enjoy!

Quick Summary of the most important rules:

  • Forum access is permitted for DrayTek users or potential users (pre-sales) in the UK/Ireland only.
  • No swearing, abuse or advertising
  • This is a user-to-user forum and community, not an official support medium and you cannot expect replies from DrayTek technicians though the community admins will often assist/contribute.
  • Admin/Moderators do not work for DrayTek and do not provide official support/comment for DrayTek.
  • You must keep to these rules and the admins/moderators view is final.

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Forum Rules

  1. Joining or participating in the UK forums is available to owners and potential owners (pre-sales) of DrayTek products who are within the UK or Ireland. If you are in other regions, please check your local support resources.
  2. The forums are designated as English Language only and specifically for the discussion of UK products intended to be used in the UK.
  3. The forum is not for support of non-DrayTek products, products which are not sold in the UK through regular channels, products used outside of the UK/Ireland, products purchased from outside of the UK/Ireland or products which have been modified or reverse-engineered outside of the manufacturers recommended use.
  4. The forum system uses tracking 'cookies' to store information on your local computer. These cookies do not contain any of your personal details and do not send us any information back to us (othen than itself). By accessing and using the forum, you accept the use of such cookies. By creating an account, you agree to receive updates or newsletters from DrayTek by email as well as emails informing you that there are follow-up messages (replies) to your postings. If you no longer wish to receive those, click the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the email.
  5. You are responsible for the content of any messages you write on the forum. In all cases, you accept that the board owners and moderators cannot be held responsible for anything you post or read on the forums. Any advice you receive from other forum uses may be misguided, invalid, inaccurate or inappropriate. Relying on any advice or information read on the forum is entirely at your own risk. In particular, beware the use of any suggested firmware, software or settings not specifically recommended by DrayTek UK.
  6. Where a message is removed by the moderators or your account is suspended, if you are genuinely unsure of the reason please email to enquire - editorial matters, account matters and discussion of removed messages is not permitted in the forum.
  7. Obscene language or comments which are lewd, abusive, insensitive, offensive or derogratory are prohibited (as determined by the moderators at their sole discretion). Please remember that different members have different sensitivities and beliefs. If you post a message which is considered by the maintainers might cause offence, insult, harrassment, reputational damage or distress to another user, person, public body or commercial organisation, it will be removed and if you persist in posting similar messages or breaking rules, you will be barred. Whilst such material will be removed normally, the list maintainers do not accept responsibility for any such material posted if it remains or is missed.
  8. The forum owners reserves the right to remove, edit, censor or not post any message, without explanation or notice. Messages may be pruned after a period of time or when no longer relevant.
  9. You must at all times respect the rights of other users and the owners of the forum to protect their own interests, personal, financial or commercial. As such, you must not use the forum to make libellous, untrue, damaging, insulting or embarrsing claims about another person or company (including ISPs, Telcos, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, vendors etc.)
  10. No soliciting or advertising is permitted by members, including adverts appended to messages, forum messages or emails sent to forum users directly. No promotion any other products, services, companies, web sites, mailing lists or supplier/retailers is permitted without the operator's specific permission.
  11. The forum may not be used for campaigning, soliciting, petitioning, forming pressure groups, collecting volunteers, promoting membership of any collective or organsiation (including but not limited to political/religious groups) or otherwise be used to increase the voice of an individual to the voice of a group for political, commercial, financial or other gain. The forum may not be used to conduct, solicit for or propose statutory or tort action against any person or company, or to discuss/promote legal action or the excercising of such rights against any person or company, nor to allege any criminal activity, tort or breach of contract by any person or company.
  12. When posting a message, please use a descriptive subject line (i.e. not "help" or "problem" or "this is faulty" etc.). A descriptive subject line is more likely to attract the attention of other forum users who might be interested or be able to advise on your topic.
  13. Once posted, the collection of messages become copyright of the forum owner and messages may not be copied outside the list in any form, in part or full, without permission from the list owner. Forum messages, in part or full, may not be forwarded or published elsewhere in part of full, electronically or otherwise.
  14. You agree to any information you provide being stored in a database. This information will not be disclosed to any unrelated third party except where required by law enforcement. The forum owner and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking or data theft attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.
  15. You may not use other participant's email addresses, names or other details for unsolicited email, spam, adding to mailing lists or subscriptions to services without their express permission. Where other users post personal/technical information, you may not use this information for any statistical or commercial purpose.
  16. You may not attempt to access or use the forum in any way not intended by the operators, notably by posting or sending material, data or code indended to circumvent security of the forum or DrayTek products or disclose information not intended for public revelation or intentionally placed into the public domain by the owber/operator or keeper.
  17. The identity and name you use must not imply that you are someone else, or acting the the capacity of another person or company unless you actually are, or infringe upon any trademark. IP source addresses of messages and accounts are logged and you must not give false information in your registration. Should your personal details change, please update your profile. The use of disposable/expiring email addresses is not permitted on accounts. If the moderators consider that your chosen username is unsuitable, potentially misleading or offensive, you may be asked to change it. If you have any conflict of interest (with the successful deployment, sale and use of DrayTek products or the users' success and efficient enjoyment), this should be stated and your participation may be disallowed.
  18. If the rules are broken, you may receive a reminder, a warning or the moderators may remove you temporarily or permanently. Such action is entirely at the discretion of the forum owners and moderators. DrayTek owners have no specific 'right' to use the board. The forums or your membership may be suspended at any time without notice or explanation.
  19. This forum is hosted by DrayTek on their official UK web site and as such, the moderators have to ensure that the forums do not operate in any way which is detrimental or offensive to the company, products, staff, their agents or general users of the products.
  20. These rules are compulsory. If you do not agree to them and accept them, then you must not use or join the forums.
  21. In addition to these rules, you are governed by the laws of England. These rules may be modified at any time without notice; the latest issue of rules will be shown on this page.
  22. Privacy / GDPR. DrayTek UK's standard web policy applies to the activities of the forum.

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